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The next normal in construction: How disruption is reshaping the world’s largest ecosystem

The COVID-19 crisis looks set to accelerate an overdue transformation of the world’s largest ecosystem. We expect nine shifts to radically change the construction value chain, and offer a blueprint for the next normal ahead.

Jump-starting resilient and reimagined operations

May 11, 2020 – COVID-19 has created an imperative for companies to reconfigure their operations, and an opportunity to transform them.

The vision for 2025: Hyperpersonalized care and ‘care of one’

June 22, 2020 – Personalization—and the empathy and connection that go with it—are more critical than ever. What will it take to meet customer’s expectations in 2025 and beyond?


Industry 4.0: Reimagining manufacturing operations after COVID-19

July 29, 2020 – Industry 4.0 technologies were already transforming manufacturers’ operations before the pandemic. Now adoption is diverging...

Resetting supply chains for the next normal

July 21, 2020 – The coronavirus pandemic’s unprecedented tests are inspiring companies to consider bold moves in rebuilding their supply...

Will ‘ship, then fix’ become obsolete in the next normal?

June 19, 2020 – COVID-19 will likely accelerate remote working and the need for companies to speed up their efforts to digitize support functions—improving...

Reset and reallocate: SG&A in the next normal

June 10, 2020 – Organizations are facing a set of unique challenges as they make decisions about selling, general, and administrative activities....

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Performance Management 2.0: Tech-enabled optimization of field forces

July 29, 2020 – Businesses with large field forces have more reasons than ever to boost effectiveness and efficiency. New technology options can help shatter old barriers to higher performance.

Why now is the time to stress-test your industrial supply chain

July 27, 2020 – An effective way to increase supply-chain resilience is to understand the impact a crisis could have, well before it happens.

The present-focused, future-ready R&D organization

July 27, 2020 – There’s no one right way to organize R&D. But a set of core design principles can provide the flexibility R&D organizations need to outpace competitors.

The future of maintenance for distributed fixed assets

June 5, 2020 – Why people are key to successfully implementing technology‑led maintenance transformations.


The care of one: Hyperpersonalization of customer care

June 23, 2020 – Hyperpersonalization will be the new proving ground in customer care. This compendium lays out four key drivers that organizations must be prepared to integrate by 2025.

The productivity imperative in services

February 25, 2020 – The key to preserving--or increasing--margins in a period of strong growth is to improve productivity. Download or share the issue.

Customer First: Personalizing the customer care journey

Customer care functions that excel can differentiate their company from the competition. This compendium showcases what is possible when companies put customers first.


A new era for industrial R&D in Japan

Tokyo-based partners Hiroshi Odawara and André Rocha describe the challenges and opportunities for Japan’s industrial R&D, identifying the critical areas where businesses in Japan can focus to meet or exceed today’s highest-performing global R&D organizations.

How digital factories lead in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

IRST partner Enno de Boer and senior partner Katy George highlight research findings from the Global Lighthouse Network project and talk through the power of manufacturing innovation at scale.


Industrial IoT generates real value—if businesses overcome six myths

June 2, 2020 – A new commitment to industrial IoT, or IIoT, can give manufacturers a critical edge in reimagining their operations.

Preparing for the next normal via digital manufacturing’s scaling potential

April 10, 2020 – Achieving digital at scale can give European manufacturing the resilience and flexibility it will need to speed its recovery after...

How to master the seven-step problem-solving process

September 13, 2019 – Structured problem solving can be used to address almost any complex challenge in business or public policy.

AI in production: A game changer for manufacturers with heavy assets

March 7, 2019 – Companies with heavy assets are improving throughput, energy consumption, and profit per hour with customized AI solutions.

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To lead in the postcrisis tomorrow, put leadership and capabilities in place today

July 28, 2020 – Amid the crisis, companies have learned to work faster and manage better. Strategies that continually refresh those lessons through...

Heavy industry’s digital transformation: Vision, diagnostic, and roadmap

July 22, 2020 – At the very start of their digital journey, heavy-industry players should determine three things: where they are now, where they...

Better for cost, talent, and customer: Agile procurement at A1 Telekom Austria Group

July 16, 2020 – Facing rising complexity and pressure on procurement costs, a European telecoms player made the radical decision to restructure...

Lean management or agile? The right answer may be both

July 14, 2020 – Through thoughtful design, agile and lean management can be the perfect match for companies in search of lasting performance improvement.

Improving productivity in a disrupted landscape: How to transform Latin American banking

July 13, 2020 – Latin American banks have long sought productivity breakthroughs to meet rising customer expectations and the challenge from new,...

Taking supplier collaboration to the next level

July 7, 2020 – Closer relationships between buyers and suppliers could create significant value and help supply chains become more resilient....

US food supply chain: Disruptions and implications from COVID-19

July 2, 2020 – Changes in consumer behavior continue to ripple through the US food and agricultural supply chains. What should companies do...

Power and people: How utilities can adapt to the next normal

June 26, 2020 – With economies and energy demand hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis, European and North American utilities need to rethink their...

An operating model for the next normal: Lessons from agile organizations in the crisis

June 25, 2020 – Companies with agile practices embedded in their operating models have managed the impact of the COVID-19 crisis better than their...

Transformation and resilience: An interview with Best Buy’s executive chairman Hubert Joly

June 25, 2020 – Hubert Joly shares lessons from leading the turnaround of the retail and technology giant and how it prepared him and the company...

Unlocking enterprise efficiencies through zero-based design

June 25, 2020 – Zero-based design allows even mature companies in asset-heavy industries to cut costs and complexity without compromising safety,...


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